February 23 birthday astrology

February 23 Zodiac Birthday Horoscope Personality of the capable front runner
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When you show excitement, you give off energy and this attracts others to you because it shows that you are committed and that you care. People born on February 23 Zodiac have an optimistic, positive, can-do approach to life, and this is the key to their success. They are quietly rather than openly confident, believing that their accomplishments will speak for themselves.

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They can be incredibly efficient, capable of delivering quality results for any task that they undertake. They often find great joy in the work itself rather than the reward. They believe that, having weighed up the alternatives, they are the best person for the job, with the best approach to it. The confident certainty they project can appear uncompromising but it is also infectious.

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More often than not, others believe exactly what they say and put enormous trust in them. Another strength of people born on this day is their power of self-expression.


Not only are they extremely articulate, they are also excellent listeners, an unusual combination that distinguishes them from other great speakers. They should use their verbal skills and their empathy for others positively, especially between the ages of twenty-seven and fifty-six, when they become more confident and ambitious, and are likely to start many new ventures. Edit Crop Cancel Clear Save. Personal Profile.

February 23 Zodiac - Complete Birthday Horoscope & Personality Profile

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Privacy Policy. Terms of Service. This is a highly spiritual position for the Sun and many information will be transferred from one upper realm to the other. It is not only a search for faith, but for what it can bring to our practical reality, and what each of us can find in a church bazaar, in a metaphorical sense. Two seashore resorts also speak of the Neptunian symbolism and it is obvious that both symbols speak of a certain assessment of faith and religion. A person born at this time might have a task to change religions, or search among several of them to find their Unity and one universal truth.

Guided by the need for liberation, the purpose of life of those born on February 23rd is to find freedom of all sorts of emotional ties.

Feb 23rd 12222 Astrology calendar

It is important for them to jump in and lead their lives in any possible direction to find what suits them best, instead of staying in a dreamy, passive state. They might feel lost, but it isn't their primal task to be found. Instead, they should set free from expectations, waters of their ancestors, and the collective consciousness that shapes their reality too often. Grandiose feelings of love live inside those born on February 23rd.

Pisces (astrology)

There is nothing typical in their approach to love, and although they rely on their daily routine to pull them out of an emotional inner battle, it will rarely work, for they seek excitement and surprises in their emotional bonds. Taught to express their emotions through giving, they could have trouble finding someone to return the same amount of attention and care. Depending on their upbringing, they can have either too idealistic views on relationships, or extremely depressive ones. Their beneficent nature will lead them into positive thinking, but this doesn't mean they will see their role as one to deserve the love they know exists.

Their personal feeling of value will determine the amount of love they will be ready to take in, and this won't be easily balanced with what they are willing to give. Travelers of the world, teachers and educators, these individuals give knowledge and share love with everyone who finds their way into their life. With a big heart, they are excellent friends first, although they can be quite unpredictable at times and difficult to fully understand. When they find their religion, they might choose to preach and tell others about their spiritual experiences, and this is the best direction they could possibly take.