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But also, the unexpected keeps life interesting. However, be prepared for situations where nobody is sure of the facts. Let them. Long ago, you realised that while it may not always be ethical, simple flattery is often the best way around seemingly endless clashes with others. Discuss these frankly, and right away. Every sign is influenced by the lunar cycle. These are crucial and need to be discussed. Now that events are making them happen anyway, forget about battling them and instead shift to inquisitive gear.

No sign is better at turning sudden and even unsettling changes into something worthwhile. Yet even you are struggling with recent unfair, if not impossible, situations. Gradually the puzzle pieces will come together. Obviously, disappointing anybody upsets you. Discuss it with others.

It will be amazingly helpful. The recent Scorpio New Moon accented a range of matters. These all need a rethink, if not radical change. While some were on your mind, others are a surprise. From your perspective, being dishonest just to keep others happy can only lead to problems. Yet, at the moment, discussing matters frankly could lead to serious problems, if not cause very real upset.

The trick, at least for now, is to sidestep these matters entirely. Tempting as it is to try to restore what you organised originally, at least explore those sudden developments. They could be as worthwhile as they are unexpected. Every Aquarius take pleasure in learning about the world and the people in it.

While your feelings are understandable, it will soon become clear where, and now, those fascinating insights will fit in. Although your instincts are telling you to let it go, the sentimental side of your nature wants to at least try to keep it alive and thriving. Think again. These may have once brought you joy or, alternatively, been practical. On the other hand, you might spot other, more promising, options. Explore them. What you learn will be amazingly helpful.

So many emphasise the importance of being frank when, from your point of view, as a practical Taurus, that can lead to serious problems. You tend to say what needs to be said, no more. Some will be minor, and be easily remedied. Others will require more thought but, also, will be more informative.

Cancer Weekly Horoscope | Jessica Adams

Back off. As much as you enjoy the company of others and discussing ideas with them, relying on those around you is another matter. As you learnt long ago, not everybody feels this way about commitments.

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On Thursday, the ideas planet Mercury goes retrograde, and it resumes forward motion on 20 November. The trick is to have those frank exchanges but then leave plans open-ended enough that everybody can accommodate ongoing changes.

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As a Capricorn, you undoubtedly pride yourself on being in charge of things, from everyday matters to future plans. Judging by the current powerful planetary focus on the role of others and even unexpected events, you may have no choice but to take a step back and let things unfold as they must. Now, however, these discussions are devouring your time. Explain you must focus on your own plans, then do exactly that. Everybody will understand. The period during which the communication planet Mercury is retrograde, as it is from October 31st until 20 November, is renowned for the confusion every sign faces.

For you, however, those twists and turns could lead to intriguing encounters and fascinating places. Explore them all. Although you may have been considering certain new ideas, what arises may be very different from these or, perhaps, mean embracing these, but in an unexpected way. This is about talking with, and working alongside others, and learning from them. The key to making the best of this pivotal year is, first, to explore absolutely everything and, second, to be willing to reorganise, if not substantially alter, your way of thinking and living.

You may not be feeling patient. Dull or, perhaps, pointless as doing this seems now, what comes to light will begin to link to other matters and will gradually clarify it all. The issues in question are nothing new.

Leo (July 22 - August 23)

Raise them diplomatically once again. That being the case, the sooner you tackle them, the better. The trick is to discuss any concerns or issues frankly, but also take into account how important the feelings of these individuals are to you. This is a trap. Their problems are theirs, and theirs alone, to deal with.

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  • Quietly back off. However, with so much changing, and swiftly, what seems solid facts may be unreliable. For now, proceed, but ensure that whatever you organise can be easily rethought.

    Your weekly horoscope: July 22 - July 28, 12222

    Recent discussions with others have been both profitable and easy, mostly because the individuals in question are much more open about their feelings and facts than you are. You value your privacy, and always will. Sidestepping discussions may seem a compromise. However, not everybody is that thorough, as is becoming increasingly clear. Wait and watch. Others will work things out, but in their own time. While the resulting confusion is universal, because this particular period accents the structure of your life, the resulting minor errors and misunderstandings could reveal crucial issues.

    Cancer november 28 12222 weekly horoscope by marie moore

    The sooner you do it, the better. Keeping a promise is, for you, a matter of honour. That is, to consider whether what, and who, once meant a great deal to you still do. Once this is clear, you can make a conscious decision about whether to stick with things as they are, yet consider where improvements would be wise, or, perhaps, mean saying farewell. Each option is part of this pivotal birthday. When recent unsettling changes took place, you were annoyed. But, as the days passed, you got used to the idea and even began to enjoy them. By tradition, the period when the ideas planet Mercury is retrograde, as it will be until 20 November, triggers unexpected changes in various forms of communication.

    While the resulting confusion can be a nuisance, it can also be stunningly informative. Focus on learning from every twist and turn. Say nothing. The odds are good it will work.

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    But with expansive Jupiter moving to accent this side of your life in a little over a month, not only are such changes likely, you may already be discussing them. However, between now and late November, not only should you prepare yourself for changes, some will be as welcome as they are unexpected. Take it slowly. Most born under the sign of Capricorn prefer to organise their way of living, working and loving themselves, which means advice will be acknowledged but probably ignored and favours gently declined.

    Being told that something or, perhaps, somebody will disillusion you may not sound promising. But, actually, this is wonderful. At some point in the past you were told these situations or individuals would bring you joy or fortune. While once that was true, things have changed.

    No sign gives more thought to the rights and wrongs of life, that is, how you live and love, the world around you and your connection with others, from close family to friends, colleagues and even neighbours. However, your birthday chart accents the need to shift your priorities, to give thought to what you get from certain individuals and, equally, how you enrich their lives. For you, as an Aries, that would be a huge compromise.